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Finals Week is Here

Well, seniors, Government class is winding down for the semester. Finals are this week and they are OPEN NOTEBOOK. You should prepare to write ONE essay from a choice of two. The choices are "Why or why not September 11th should be a national holiday?" or "Why are great generals so often terrible Presidents?". Get your NOTEBOOK organized for easy flipping on Finals day. It should be chronological, from the first of the semester to the end. THE LAST SECTION should be your notes on "The Clinton Years."

Nellie Bly, Investigative Journalist

Nellie Bly, a.k.a. Elizabeth Cochrane, took her name from a song written by Stephen Foster. She worked as a reporter for a Pittsburgh paper and ten moved on to Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. She spent ten days in an insane asylum in order to expose poor treatment of the inmates and the uneven diagnosis of the "experts." She traveled around the world in 72 days, beating the "80 Days" of the fictional Phileas Fogg of Jules Verne's imagination.

Government Links

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