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The Hanford High School Knowledge Bowl

TThe HHS Knowledge Bowl team captured the 3A Regional tournament in Kennewick on Feb. 25th, with a gritty 1 point victory over the Kennewick Lions. The Falcons will now travel to Camas, Washington (just east of Vancouver) in the beautiful Columbia Gorge to compete in the State Championships. We return two of last year's State Champs to the contest, in Max Li and Sean Cook, and add Tamar Oostrom, Roanna Wang, Neil Varada, and Mitchell Griffin to the potent mix of Hanford K-Bowl practitioners. With good-luck charm Mrs. Wiles and driver/porter Mr. Wilson in tow, we will go in strong and strive to adapt and overcome the obstacles in our path for a repeat State Championship. The tournament is Saturday, March 22nd at Camas High School, and is hosted by the indefatigable Dale Croswell and the Camas Papermakers.

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