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Final Essay for the JUNIORS

Essay Choices for JUNIORS: 1. In the movie, Out of Africa, Karen Blixen starts a coffee plantation in Kenya in the early 20th Century. How is her story both typical and unusual for this period which included the so-called “scramble for Africa”? 2. Why were the British especially interested in subduing the Ottoman Empire by 1914? What geopolitical concerns were parts of this scheme?

Modern World History Notebooks

As a crucial part of this class, you will need to acquire a 3-ring binder notebook that you will dedicate to MWH exclusively. I will check it from time to time for notes, assignments, and essays. You should keep all of the tests and quizzes I return to you in this notebook as well. At the end of the semester, I will allow you to use your notebook on the comprehensive final test. It is up to YOU to keep it organized, from the first page (class syllabus) to the last (most recent assignment).

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