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International Problems
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International Problems
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This page will mention some of the programs available to students to further their classroom learning.

Quote of the Week

"No amount of atomic bombs could keep the tide of the dispossessed from rising up from the poverty of the Southern Hemisphere to the abundance of the Northern Hemisphere."
-Werner Fornos

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International Problems, Semester, 11-12. This course presents an in-depth analysis of four or five major issues confronting our world. Nationalism, war and peace in the nuclear age, the gap between rich and poor nations, overpopulation, and environmental concerns are important issues studied. This course is also taught by Mr. Sean Mars.

Morning Program

Juniors and Seniors who take the International Problems class will be studying the issue of Nationalism first. The study will address Germany from 1918-1945 and the connection to the human tragedy of the Holocaust. We will be reading excerpts from the text "Facing History and Ourselves". We will also be looking at primary sources and films of the era to elucidate the issues of the times.

Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.